5 Reasons Why You Should Change to an Electric Garage Door

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Wondering why should you change to an electric garage door? If you are thinking about modernising your home by investing in an electric garage door but have doubts – you have come to the right place. In this article, we explain the benefits of an electric garage door compared to a manual one. 

Here, you will learn the many advantages a quality electric garage door has to offer. We will cover five key points, including convenience, security, safety, lighting and affordability, so you can make an informed decision about whether a new electric garage door is right for you.

5 Reasons You Should Change to an Electric Garage Door

1. More Convenience

One of the main reasons electric garage doors are so popular is down to their convenience. Day-to-day life becomes a little easier when you can operate your garage door at the touch of a button. What’s more, the remote control can be operated both internally and externally, so there is no need to exit your vehicle in the pouring rain to open the door. 

2. Better Security

Keeping your vehicle out of sight is preferable in most cases, and thankfully, electric garage doors are incredibly secure. Generally harder to break into than manual doors, certain models have a ‘holiday mode’ which can disable the remote controls whilst you are away. By investing in a robust electric garage door, you can help deter would-be thieves from accessing your garage. 

3. Increased Safety

Electric garage doors are very safe to use. Not only do they help prevent injury caused by lifting or dragging a door open yourself, but they also have systems in place in the event of a fault or power cut, so you can still open and close a door manually should you need to. Quality electric garage doors are designed to the highest standards and are incredibly durable – essential for regular use. 

4. Integrated Lighting 

Many electric garage doors feature integrated lighting, which illuminates internal and external areas for visibility. This automated lighting is both functional and aesthetically appealing and can help you feel extra secure, especially late at night. 

5. Affordable Prices

There are a few misconceptions about the cost of electric garage doors. Whilst they were once seen as a high-end option, there are now options on the market to suit every budget. Their growing rise in popularity has meant that businesses are offering more competitively priced solutions than ever before. 

Why Switch to an Electric Garage Door: Final Thoughts 

We hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of an electric garage door and why it could be a sound investment. 

Remember, the team at JH Garage Doors are specialists in electric garage door solutions and can help find you the perfect door to modernise your garage. Speak to a member of our friendly team today to find out more.

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